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Annual Art Fest Event


Our Annual Nurtury Art Fest was a success!  Each year, instead of doing our regular outdoor time for physical activities, we set up different art stations on our play yard as well as in the Art Studio and in the classroom for children to enjoy all the different types of art materials and media they can use.  This year’s stations include Plunger Painting, Fly Swatter Painting (which turned into finger painting), Ball In A Box Painting, Easel Art (with various types of materials to use for paint such as textured roller brushes, Q Tips, etc), Collage Table, Building Table and Glow In The Dark Felt Painting.  Self-expression is an important part of our school’s philosophy and what better way to do express it than art and get messy on this lovely summer morning!  Thank you to all of our parents who carved out some time during their morning to be with us.