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  1. At what age can a child start at The Nurtury?
    The Nurtury enrolls children from ages 24 months through 5 years of age.
  2. When should I apply to guarantee a spot for my child?
    If you are planning on seeking enrollment for your 2-year-old, it is not too soon to apply during the year prior. We are a very small program, and because of this, we tend to fill quickly.
  3. Can you guarantee me a spot for next September?
    We are generally operating from a waitlist. While siblings have priority, we enroll children based on the order of applications. If you have applied very far in advance, there is a high likelihood there will be a spot for your child, but there is no guarantee until you receive an offer of enrollment.
  4. What are your requirements for scholarship?
    Our scholarships are need-based and those wishing to apply for a scholarship need to fill out an application and provide a copy of their most recent tax return.
  5. Do you accept CCRC?
    Yes, we do accept CCRC.
  6. How do you make sure children are ready for kindergarten?
    Our professional staff is aware of the Preschool Guidelines as well as the kindergarten standards. While the Nurtury is a developmental, play-based program, children are given activities and real life experiences that expose them to all areas of learning, including science, math, literacy, social skills and the arts. Our program also focuses on life skills and autonomy, and children are given the confidence to be ready for the big world after preschool. Our goals for children as they leave our program are that they see themselves as capable learners, that they know their ideas have value and that their voices are important. We want them to love learning and to approach new experiences with excitement and enthusiasm. We want them to have age-appropriate self-control, and know how to manage themselves in a variety of social situations. We want them to handle transitions well and be self-directed. We want them to LOVE coming to school! We do consistently hear from families and kindergarten teachers that our children transition well to elementary school and are well prepared.
  7. Are you a year-round school, and what are your hours?
    Yes, the Nurtury operates 12 months of the year, Monday through Friday, from 7am-6pm, and is closed the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. We are closed for main Federal Holidays, such as MLK Day, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, and Thanksgiving and the day after. There are also two staff training days, during which the Nurtury is closed.
  8. What is your policy regarding immunization?
    We expect children to have the immunizations required by the Department of Health, and a record of your child’s immunizations must be on file at the time of the enrollment. If you have an accepted exemption form, this must also be on file. The Nurtury consistently has at least 97% of the student body fully immunized, and this information about our school and all others can be accessed online.
  9. How much time do the children spend outside?
    It is important for children to have large bulks of uninterrupted outdoor play, and outdoor time at The Nurtury is not “recess,” it is a valuable time for learning. Children have morning and afternoon time outdoors of at least one hour each time. How much time additional time they spend outdoors is dependent on what time your child is dropped off and picked up. Children with extended days may have more outdoor time. Our outdoor area is well shaded and has a large sandbox and gardening opportunities. Our outdoor structures and activities are changed frequently, and children are given outdoor time with their own age group daily.
  10. What about food Allergies?
    Staff is aware of individual children’s allergies. We provide an alternative to cow’s milk for those that drink it. Allergies are posted in each classroom and staff is trained in the use of epi-pens if the need arises.
  11. Are you a nut-free school?
    We do not serve nuts at The Nurtury, but children may bring nuts or nut products in their own lunchbox.
  12. Does my child have to be out of diapers?
    No, we work with children and families at whatever stage of training they are at, whether they are in diapers, pull-ups or underwear. We ask that you let us know where you are in the process so that we can provide consistent support at school.
  13. How do staff members resolve conflicts between students? Discipline policy?
    The Nurtury uses conflict resolution techniques that make certain all parties are heard and acknowledged during disagreements. Younger children are given the language to help assist with resolving conflict, while children who are 4 and 5 often only need teacher presence to help with resolution. We stress that children’s feelings are heard and validated, no matter what the issue. A child who gets hurt will always immediately be attended to, and will share their feelings with anyone who may have hurt or upset them, while the other child listens and is also given the opportunity to share their feelings as well. When children know their feelings are validated, this also helps them to develop confidence and strong self esteem. We primarily practice redirection with unwanted behaviors and do not use time outs or any forms of punitive punishments. Children may be asked to go to another area or activity, or introduced into another group of children or given something to do that can help resolve their current issue. (i.e. a child who is throwing sand may be given a bucket and a shovel, or a child who wants to knock over blocks may be given the chance to knock down a structure they build themselves, etc.)
  14. What type of education and certifications does your staff hold?
    All of our staff members hold far above the minimum requirements of private Title 22 programs, (which is 12 units of Child Development), with the majority of our staff holding at least an AA or the equivalent or higher, and many of our staff continue to further their education. Our staff is all CPR and first-aid trained. Staff participate in a variety of professional development opportunities such as conferences and workshops, and keep abreast of new trends and research in child development. All of our staff are members of the National Association for the Education of Young Children and its affiliates. Several staff members hold permits from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.
  15. On average, how long have staff members been working at The Nurtury?
    Many of our staff members have been employed at The Nurtury for more than 10 years and we experience very low turnover.