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Read what some of our parents have to say about their experiences at The Nurtury. And check us out on GreatSchools and Yelp.

Dear Nurtury Preschool Staff: I wanted to let you know that it was really a pleasure to observe your preschool today!  Thank you for welcoming me to the school. I enjoyed my visit very much. I think you have a nice program. It was nice to meet you and see the children. This visit will really help me to complete my assignments for CD2.  I got to see things that I have only heard about in lecture. Wishing you all the best.

Nicole Peterson

The Nurtury was a great experience for me. When I attended there they really helped prepare me for kindergarten. They made activities easy for us by working hands on so that we would have a better understanding of our lessons. I’m so thankful for the teachers and the experiences that I had at The Nurtury. It helped make such great memories for me.

Sabrina Tona

The perfect place to allow your child to grow and learn through playing. We don’t have family in L.A.; in the four years my daughter went to The Nurtury, teachers and other families became our family. I’m so thankful my daughter was part of this safe, creative and loving community.

Kimberly-Rose Wolter

We moved to Los Angeles from NY and The Nurtury was the most amazing instant community. Our children graduated from The Nurtury years ago, and we continue to be involved with the community and the families with whom we shared our preschool experience. The Nurtury prepared our kids both academically and emotionally.

Dana Gonzalez

I can not think of a richer preschool experience. My daughter (now in first grade) went there for three years, and my son is in his second year there. While they are very different children, I clearly see how the school environment has been instrumental in making them the happy, curious, self-reliable beings they are.

The Nurtury has amazing staff. Most teachers have been there for many years. All of them are approachable and incredibly dedicated.

Our favorite thing about The Nurtury is the size—you can’t beat the attention your family gets at this scale. The other fabulous thing for working parents is the hours—very long hours, but a well-paced day so kids get love and attention even if they’re away from home for so long.

The most unexpected, and in some ways most important, impact on our family has been the community aspect of our experience. Between the required volunteering and the social events, we’ve made friendships for life. I find the parent community diverse and truly invested in progressive education. This is a little gem of a school!

Raquel Barreto

Overall this is a great school. We have three children and our middle child is currently enrolled there. Our oldest was there from ages 2 through 5. Our youngest will attend there next year. The approach is relationship-based, tactile, and about building confidence. My kids often come home with paint (washable 🙂 on their clothes and sand in their shoes. They don’t want to leave. That’s what I want.  If you want clean clothes and learning math at 2 years old, then this isn’t the school for your family. Facility-wise, The Nurtury can be described as very “east coast.” There is no big green field to kick the ball around. It’s attached to a church, not very scenic but it works and the kids have a blast. The classrooms are good-sized, with a great ratio. The staff is great, low-turnover, great family feel. Plus, I see on a daily basis how they go above and beyond their job descriptions for the parents and children. We are a close community. The value is also tremendous. With hours from 7am – 6pm, this is ideal for most working families that I know.

Mauricio Vazquez

The Nurtury really is the whole package: progressive educational philosophy, skilled teachers with little turnover, wonderful children and families, low student/teacher ratios, great hours for working families. The school’s program emphasizes learning through self-guided play, developing self-reliance and social skills, and readying kids for kindergarten. These are the reasons I’ve sent two children there and recommend the school every chance I get.

Jeff Goldman

The Nurtury is more than a pre-school. It’s a community of loving, caring, and devoted staff members and families. Now some 10 years later, many of my daughter’s most fond memories are from her years at The Nurtury. Love, love, love THE NURTURY!!!

Sarena Warner

The Nurtury was our first choice for a preschool initially because of the longer hours—perfect for a working parent; the developmental approach to education—ideal for nurturing a creative and bright child; and the amazing student-to-teacher ratio. After the first tour, we knew that Lucca would feel safe and loved there…

Jill Dickerson